Today’s world is different from the world of our parents and grandparents. Today, we have a number of facilities and services in the form of phones, internet, technology and gadgets whose usage are growing at pace. Some countries which are using it are developed but the countries, where there is less attention towards gadgets and technology, they are still at the developing stage.

Both developed and developing countries are home to numerous services and facilities now. One of the services for which they have a complete industry is cleaning companies.

Cleaning companies or cleaning industry is the industry that helps the contacted clients and people in cleaning their houses, offices, schools, medical centres, hospitals, villa, swimming pools, malls, farm houses and many other places and areas. The companies have thousands of registered maids and professional workers which they send to the customers who ask for their services.

The companies provide several services to them which includes:

  1. Residential cleaning
  2. Commercial cleaning
  3. Corporate cleaning
  4. Swimming pool cleaning
  5. Deep cleaning
  6. Sofa cleaning
  7. Kitchen cleaning
  8. Odour removing, and
  9. Villa cleaning

Residential cleaning is to clean homes and apartments. For this cleaning, maids are sent to houses of clients. Corporate cleaning or commercial cleaning, on the other hand is defined as to clean offices, hospitals or any other place which is related to corporate world. Swimming pool cleaning, as its name suggests, is to clean swimming pool by sweeping off all dusts and making the water shinier and purer again. There are also deep cleaning companies in Dubai offering top notch services. Sofa and Kitchen cleaning are very rough and tough because they both demand effort. Odour removing is an art. The workers use their own sprays and techniques to make the house or place smell pleasant and fresh. Villa cleaning is not so different from residential cleaning. That’s the reason why some also offer window cleaning services in Dubai!

Majority of companies charge differently for each service. Most of them; however, charge more for deep cleaning than residential cleaning because it demands more effort and time. Residential cleaning can be finished within two to three hours but deep cleaning demands more than five or six hours.

Similarly, window cleaning is more expensive than sofa cleaning because of same reasons. You can clean sofa within an hour or so but window cleaning requires effort. A worker has to clean the glass from both sides in a specific ways to get clean and shiny glass. Corporate or commercial cleaning, on the other hand, has some uniqueness. It has different charges because it has different demands and needs than other services because it requires cooperation and number of team members. More members result in less pay. Same goes for odour removing too.

So, these are basic guidelines to you about cleaning services in UAE. Hope this article would have helped you in find services to clean your home fast.

Wednesday, Sep 27, 2023