A simple film which you go to watch in cinemas has gone through a lot of post production services which then produce such fine results and makes it way through the cinema screens.


The first and obvious step of producing a film is to prepare its script. A script can be a complete new, fresh idea or maybe simply extracted from a book or renewal of an already existing script or movie.

A script can also be outlined when a writer comes together with a director pitching their idea to a producer who then approves the finances and caste and according to which a script is written.

Pre Production

This is the time when a line manager or a production manager is hired who takes care of the scheduling and budgeting of the movie and makes sure that the locations which are needed are available and the casting is done so that the shooting can take place in its desired time without unnecessary problems occuring.


This is the time when the location, set, timing, and all the other things come together for production and shooting. It is important to stick to the same outlined plans and budgets which are made by Line manager while planning the timings ahead of shoot is important so that daily production can be kept processing instead of worrying about plans of tomorrow.

Photography and Cinematography

Lights, camera, action! This is the time when the camera rolls and all the lighting, set and crew comes together. It is said to be the most expensive part of developing of a film as this is the time when pays are decided and props are bought. Some props and sets themselves cost too much and this is the reason why sticking to the budget is important to avoid unnecessary purchases.


This is the time when the cast enjoys its freedom while the crew works tirelessly to pack up all the set and stuff, keeping its props or returning them to their desired places while the full sets of recorded tape must be found to make sure that every clip is in there, ready to be edited. Even if a single clip goes missing, it can create a lot of chaos for the video production company Dubai rather than creating ease.

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Friday, Jun 5, 2020