The phenomenon of medical tourism has taken center-stage in the recent times. As the world got more information and knowledge about the latest phenomenon in the field of medical services, more and more cities emerged on the map of international medical tourism. Dubai is also one of these cities which have made a huge repute internationally as the hub of the state-of-the-art medical facilities, hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. These medical facilities are regarded highly by all the leading medical regulators in the world. Before Dubai could make an international repute, it was able to find the trust of the local community, especially the expats community which has been working and living in the United Arab Emirates to further their career at a global level.

The untiring efforts of the Government of Dubai has made the local hospitals and clinics to serve the locals as well as the expats community without any discrimination of cast, religion, ethnicity, age, sex, and social status. After achieving the pinnacles of highest standards of excellence in the field of medical sciences, the local hospitals and clinics started accepting the foreign medical tourists a few years ago and soon it became one of the hottest medical tourism destinations in the world.

Some of the factors that shape the healthcare industry of Dubai are listed below.


  1. After making its mark as the regional hub of trade and business activities, the city of Dubai has also made its mark as the center of excellence in the field of medical services in the Middle Eastern region. The United Arab Emirates is regarded among the top 10 countries with the best medical facilities for its citizens and the medical tourists.
  2. Dubai’s healthcare industry is regulated by the Dubai Health Advisory (DHA) which is also responsible for issuing licenses to the new hospitals and clinics as well as the new medical practitioners and health technicians.
  3. The city of Dubai has four major government-run hospitals, i.e. Hatta, Latifa, Dubai, and Rashid. All of these hospitals have the state-of-the-art emergency services besides providing the best outpatient and inpatient services to the citizens.
  4. You have to carry a UAE Health Card to be able to obtain medical services at the government-run hospitals. This card can be obtained at the DHA office or a medical center. Moreover, you can also get yourself enrolled for a UAE Health Card online.
  5. The process of obtaining a UAE Health Card is pretty simple. You have to be at least 18 years old to get this card. At the time of your enrollment, you have to present your Emirates ID numbers and details of your passport. You also have to submit a single-time fee of 320 AEDs to get the Card.
Thursday, Jun 20, 2024