Many people plan their stopover destination trips by hitting different Australian, South East
Asian and other beautiful cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai to explore different regions in a short
span of time. Though Dubai cannot be explored in one-day visit, you can cover some special
parts in your 12-24- hour stopover at some of the most famous places in the cities. If you want to
take a glance of the whole city, you can choose a tour bus service or a hot gas balloon ride.
However, if you want to take a closer look at the city you have to choose a specific place for the
full coverage. Another good idea of exploration is an ocean Arabian ‘dhow’ cruise in which you
can see the evening fun and spark of Dubai. The city of Dubai doesn’t sleep so you don’t have
to worry about transportation if you land late in the evening and need to spend your late hours at
Dubai night clubs and bars. You can ask a restaurant manager for pickup cab with flexible all-
time transport. Dubai’s top attractive places include Burj Kahlifa towers, nearby downtown, The
Jumeirah Beach Park, and Dubai Creek, an exotic Dubai Museum and Dubai Mall.
Dubai is a wonderful city where you can find manmade wonders, classic and modern
architecture, beautiful resorts, beaches, iconic Burj Al-Arab Hotel, Palm Jumeirah’s palm tree-
shaped archipelago, and the dancing and dazzling Dubai Fountain Show on the artificial lake
side of Burj Khalifa. Visiting Dubai without exploring traditional souks is an inappropriate tour
mapping. Dubai’s customary souks and market places have traditional past and very cultural
values among the locals and the visitors. A narrow alley gives you the picture of old Arab stories
when you step into the Dubai Souks way. You will understand the reality of Dubai from its past
to present when you explore this area. Two traditional market places are recommended to visit
are the Gold Souk and the Spice Souk.
Dubai is one of the expensive and luxurious cities of the world where you can find the finest and
the purest jewelry items, in different metals, including gold, silver, platinum, etc. in the finest
stones and gems work. Handmade and dye-crafted jewelry both are available in Dubai’s The
Gold Souk. Most extravagant and pure gold items including, bridle sets, rings, bangles,
watches, and other accessories can be availed or designed according to your desires. The
world’s biggest ring is also a memento of this huge golden market place.
No kitchen can run without spices and herbs and no tour can be completed without exploring
the passageway of the Spice Souks. Here you can find the best herbs, aroma plants and spices

on every shop and outside stalls. Pure smell of turmeric, cinnamon, and different herbs fill the
air to mesmerize as you walk.
If you get more time to explore then perfume souk and textile stuffs are also quite close to
welcome you in Dubai.

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2024